Brightest Flashlight

TO Be the most fantastic flashlight

4.5 stars
100 times
top 3

Cool sreen flash for every call

To have the most popular sreen flash when you receive a phone call,it can be love or Christmas theme and so on,make you call unique from others

Fantastic strobe light

you can have strobe light to make you stand out outdoors,also for SOS,and also strobe to remind you a phone call or a message

Most convenient flashlight app

shake to turn on and also shake to turn off,and also you can set a small widget then you can turn on flashlight and off easily and also check your wifi and flow usage

A most powerful light manager

Multiple LED light

Swipe to change the strobe light

Shake to light LED

Shake the phone quickly to turn on flashlight,no delay!

QR Code Scanner

Scan QR code / barcode quickly