Sungy Mobile Limited is an international company based in China which operates one global business, GO series apps, and two domestic businesses, 3G Portal and 3G Book Market.

GO series apps have 360 millin users in 200 countries. GO series is becoming one of the key mobile Internet entries for global users. GO Launcher has formed partnerships with Google, Quixey, Tapjoy and several other companies. In 2013, we received the Best Business Partnership Award from Google.

Another important line of business for Sungy Mobile Limited is the 3G Portal. It has become the leading mobile internet platform in China with 220 million registered users and has attracted over 1,000 advertisers including bellwethers Samsung and Lenovo. 3G Portal has won many awards for its innovative and effective AD placement, such as the DCCI Annual Wireless Marketing Award, China Best Network Advertisement Award, Gold Network Award, Media Innovative Marketing Award, and iResearch Marketing Effectiveness Award.