GOMO Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GOMO”) was founded in 2003 with its headquarter located in Guangzhou.

Riding on the opportunities in the era of Mobile Internet, GOMO has developed into the world leading mobile application developer and mobile advertising platform operating both in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou) and across the world (the US, Europe and Southeast Asia).

Our core business includes Go Series apps for the global market, and GOMO Reading and 3G Portal for Chinese users. In the fourth quarter of 2016, GOMO topped the ranking of utilities app developers on Google Play Store and became the world’s largest developer of mobile phone utilities applications. Our products hit 600 million downloads and our monthly active users exceeded 200 million. Today, our products have found their way to over 200 countries and regions in 48 language versions all over the world.

Three "No.1"

in China's Mobile Internet Industry

November 22, 2013:

the first Chinese Mobile Internet compa- ny listed on NASDAQ.


the first Chinese mobile internet company offering utilities apps (“Go Desktop”) for Android on Google Play Store to users throughout the world.

June, 2004:

the first free news portal in China – 3G Portal, which accounted for more than 40% mobile data traffic nationwide at its peak.

GOMO Platform

With our product lineup comprising more than 10 mobile phone apps, we have created a brand new overseas promotion platform for other

Chinese software developers (including 360 and Cheetach Mobile) to promote their products worldwide.

We have also partnered with Google and Facebook to launch the first commercial platform for advertisement placement in China to further leverage the power of hundreds of millions of GOMO users.

To date, we have grown into Facebook’s largest partner in the Asia-Pacific Region.


GOMO is leading over more than 500 enthusiastic employees dedicated in mobile technology. The GOMO R&D team comprises 280 young and talented professionals with an average age of 28.

The staff development model of GOMO to combine business trainings with personal development coaching equips our team with keen business-oriented mindset and the knowledge of the best practice in the industry.

Name Card of Guangzhou

In an era when Internet economy has emerged as one of the world new economic growth points, GOMO swiftly shifted our focus from domestic market to global market with 95% of our current income generated overseas.

As a company started its journey from the cradle of China’s Mobile Internet business, GOMO will thrive as the name card of Guangzhou in the international community of Mobile Internet to renew the global perception of China’s Internet industry and redefine the term of “made in China”.

Deng Yuqiang

Co-founder and CEO

As a typical tech geek, Deng has been long devoted himself into R&D and product innovation.

After his graduation from the Information Management Department, Peking University in 1999, Deng joined China Telecom and China Mobile and worked at the data application and technological service departments with a focus on technical research of data transfer and mobile terminal application.

In 2004, he launched the 3G Portal, which ushered in a new era of free WAP websites independent from carriers.

Two years later, he led a team of technical elites and started the development of mobile applications and games for Symbian, iOS and Android. It was the starting point of Go Team’s journey.

In 2016, Deng and the team launched GOMO’s flagship product, “Go Desktop”, which is now used in more than 200 countries and regions. To date, this product sees its user volume ranking top three among its Android equivalents worldwide. Through its monthly update, GOMO brings new exciting features to almost 2% of the global population.

Deng is a leader with deep insight into the needs of Mobile Internet users and decisiveness to take the challenges and opportunities in the changing environment. Under his leadership, GOMO has grew into the world’s largest mobile phone utilities app developer (according to the Google Play Store ranking), and will create new milestones in China’s Internet industry.

Zhu Zhi


Zhu graduated from the British University of Surrey with an MSc in Mobile Media Communications in 2002. After graduation, he joined Wavecom Hong Kong’s representative office in Beijing where he recruited a testing team. Afterwards, he worked for Philips (China) in Shanghai as marketing manager and cooperative operations manager successively.

In 2008, Zhu came to a NYSE-listed company VanceInfo Technologies (which merged with HiSoft later) as its vice president of global sales. In the same year, he founded Evans Interconnection (Beijing) Mobile Software Technology Co., Ltd. and served as its CEO. In less than two years, Evans grew into one of the largest Chinese mobile software outsourcing companies. The company played a leading role in the development of Microsoft Bing mobile terminal, and set up an agency in Helsinki that participated in Nokia’s MeeGo development project.

In 2010, Zhu expanded his Evans team and established Beijing MobileWoo Information Technology Co., Ltd. as its founder and CEO. At its every beginning, the company successfully attracted a joint investment over USD10 million from Northern Light Venture Capital and sina.com. Its product Taoshenbian became one of the top five mobile applications on Taobao open platform and rose to China’s largest mobile e-commerce community for second-hand goods.

In August, 2013, Zhu was then appointed as an independent director at Epro Ltd (8086.HK).

In May 2014, he joined GOMO as COO in charge of corporate management and related business segments (marketing and commercial development strategy, investor relations, and human resources). With his sharp market observation and rich managerial expertise in the industry, Zhu started an array of innovative, efficient operational reform in the company to adopt flat management and to brand the company on the global market. All these efforts led GOMO to become No.2 among Google Play’s global app developers, only next to Facebook, in 2014.