Sungy Mobile Limited is an international company based in China which operates one global business, GO series apps, and two domestic businesses, Sungy Reading and 3G Portal.

As of June 2010, the company had completed three rounds of financing from four major VC firms, IDG Capital Partners, WI Harper Group, JAFCO Asia and CBC Capital. The company has established office presence in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco.

3G Portal was founded in March 2004 by Yuqiang Deng (CEO) and Xiangdong Zhang (President). They are pioneers who disrupted the paid mobile content business model by offering free mobile content in China over 3G Portal. The content available through 3G Portal’s 70+ channels includes but is not limited to news, sports, entertainment, finance. Currently, there are 220 million registered users on 3G Portal.

GO Series apps include GO Launcher, GO Locker, GO SMS Pro and several others. The flagship product, GO Launcher, was released in November 2010 through Google Play. GO Launcher aims to replace the stock launcher on Android phones, offering easier and fancier user interface.

GO Launcher is available in 38 languages in 200 countries; it ranks #1 in the Personalization category on Google Play in over 30 countries and carries a 4.5/5 rating. There are about 10,000 themes available for GO Launcher and 80 million monthly active users. In late 2012, Sungy Mobile Limited established a San Francisco office to serve the global market.

In May 2013, Sungy Mobile Limited held a media conference, announcing the following news: 1) GO Launcher has reached 200 million downloads and; 2) US operations has been established through the opening of San Francisco office. Furthermore, two other apps in the “GO” series, GO Locker and GO SMS Pro, have each reached 50 million downloads.

3G Book Market was founded in 2005 and is another independently operated business by Sungy Mobile Limited. It is a marketplace for buying and selling literature generated by internet writers. There are tens of categories available on 3G Book Market, including romance, city life, fantasy, martial arts heroes and many more. It is the leading mobile literature reading and writing platform in China.

Sungy Mobile Limited has several partnerships at many levels with top global internet companies aimed at continuing to explore monetization opportunities by selling ads and providing value-added services. Sungy Mobile Limited offers an open platform to advertisers, content makers, and app distributors allowing for greater value creation.

Sungy Mobile Limited is committed to become the entry point for global mobile internet and build a leading international brand in the mobile internet business.